Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where have I been?

Amanda made a comment to me about my abandoned blog. Gosh, i keep doing this. I post about once a year and get all excited about my blog and think I'm going to be updating and sharing my amazing experiences with the world (ha, yeah right), but I usually just end up getting distracted with life and stop.

Well, I broke down and got an iPad and it has a nifty little blogging app that I like, so it seems like I may give this a shot once more.

As for an update on my eternal struggle for weight loss, well, I'm down to 145 now. So it continues to go down. Just really slowly. I'm pretty much an average build kind of guy now. I don't really consider my
self fat anymore. Still not thin, but definitely not fat. It's kind of weird to say that and really believe that it's true. So much of my life I was way overweight. It's part of my identity. It's almost as if I don't know how to not be fat, strange, I know. But it sure is fun buying clothes now. I fit into smalls and can even by L and XL t-shirts from the little boys' section and pay a fraction of the price that I would normally pay for the same thing out of the section with adult sizes.
Here are some recent photos from a party I went to two weekends ago. Ignore my totally shaggy hair, I desperately need a haircut.

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Anonymous said...

You look fabulous Charles!!! I don't think you need to lose another ounce!! Seriously!

Charles said...

Hah. Well for vanity's sake, maybeI don't need to lose much more, but for health's sake, i could definitely lose quite a bit more to be stronger and healthier. :)

But big thanks for the fabulous, Mr/Mrs Anonymous. :)

Kalee said...

Not sure why it said anonymous! This is Kalee!

Charles said...

Oh, hi Kalee! Thank you so much for the positive feedback.

You know, from time to time, I still tell the story about the time when you chipped your clarinet reed in your eye. Tee hee. I hope you don't mind too much.

Kalee said...

Hahaha! No, it was a story meant to be passed along to other dumb blonde girls. ;)